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With over 40 years of legal practice, Jeffrey W. Sparks in Prescott, Arizona has represented clients by effectively dealing with individuals, corporations, and insurance companies and guiding clients through their ordeal with the skills, compassion, and knowledge for what needs to be done to achieve the best results possible.

Mr. Sparks is proud of his Firm's reputation of honesty, hard work, integrity, and fairness as well as recognizing that the client’s well-being is first and foremost in any case.

Personal injury involves a wide variety of cases, such as:
• Automobile/Truck Accidents
• Construction Defect
• Animal Bites
• Aviation
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Wrongful Death
• Medical Malpractice
• Premises Liability
• Assault
• Recreational Incidents

There is no charge for an initial consultation in personal injury matters, so please do not hesitate to call for an appointment.

Attorney Jeffrey W. Sparks in Prescott, AZ and his staff understand the emotional turmoil and anxiety involved during the course of a family law matter and recognize that the issues are deeply personal to the client and each client’s family. Mr. Sparks and his highly qualified staff are sensitive to these issues and will assist you in making informed and realistic decisions tailored to your individual situation.

Mr. Sparks will provide you with knowledgeable representation and advocacy to resolve your family law issues, including:

• Divorce
• Division Of Assets And Debts
• Spousal Support
• Child Custody, Relocation And Parenting Time
• Child Support
• Paternity
• Grandparents Rights
• Complex Property/Asset Evaluation

If you have a civil matter or dispute that requires Civil Litigation, Jeffrey W. Sparks in Prescott, Arizona will handle your case with precision and care to help you obtain an appropriate resolution.

Attorney Jeffrey Sparks and his experienced staff work closely with clients in pursuing the client's claims or defense in a wide variety of civil litigation matters as well as providing expert advice and guidance in a civil dispute. Should your legal issues involve proceeding to litigation, Mr. Sparks’ paralegals are highly experienced and knowledgeable, such that they are qualified to assist Mr. Sparks by conducting the investigation, drafting documents, and assisting in trial and settlement stages of the process, thereby reducing your legal fees and costs.

Despite being your Prescott hometown Attorney, Jeffrey W. Sparks and his paralegals have the experience, expertise, and drive to ensure that your civil matter needs are handled in a manner that results in the best possible outcome for you.

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