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Welcome to the Law Office of Jeffrey W. Sparks!

Providing over 35 years of experienced legal representation to individuals and businesses.

The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Sparks is located in close proximity to the historic Yavapai County Courthouse in downtown Prescott, Arizona.

The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Sparks is dedicated to providing efficient, yet cost effective, legal advocacy in a broad range of civil matters which includes Family Law, Personal Injury and general Civil Litigation as well as Mediation services.

The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Sparks operates at a level of capability and expertise associated with larger firms. Efficient organization and preparation of the clients case allows the matter to be evaluated and resolved timely (thereby saving legal costs) or, if need be, presented for trial.

The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Sparks strives to provide the care, personal service and attention to each client and their legal issues that the client expects and in the most economical manner possible.

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